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Wish : Dubai customers order 12 "spin 7-360 washing machine"
时间:2017/5/10 来源:上海阔龙清洗机械有限公司返回
Wish : Dubai customers order 12 "spin 7-360 washing machine" ,Customers have been very optimistic about the car washing machine, car wash speed, the function is very comprehensive, very stable performance, direct signing of the contract.




With the rapid growth of the automotive industry, the market demand for washing machine is growing, how to choose the right car wash machine?The most reliable way is: field trips.

Choose the car wash machine can not just look at the price, can not just listen to the clerk to tell you, "Pharaoh sell themselves from the boast," must be personally to see to see "seeing is real, ears for the virtual." Site inspection is to examine the actual effect of the washing machine, the company is not a regular company, product technology and accessories is not and declared
Pass the match.

Some manufacturers, it is very afraid of customers to field visits, the customer orders may feel a little protection, the machine can not I can retreat, but the quality of the machine is not, after the sale of almost no machine problems can not find people, ask this machine manufacturers Do you order it?

Of course, the quality of the machine is good, after all, the service is finally the market or say, or depends on the customer's reputation. Shanghai Kelong company since its establishment in 2003,

from production to after-sales, from the general manager to front-line staff, we sincere cooperation, has been the pursuit of "innovation, pragmatic, honesty and win-win" to meet customersThe demand. "High standards, strict requirements, re-quality, Shou credibility" of the 12-word approach enjoys popular support, after-sales protection, genuine, more and more customers to repeat the purchase, customer referral examples of customers more and more.

In order to let you buy a real good machine, in order to lift all your worries, we will open a green channel, reimbursement of your travel tolls, welcome to welcome you, for the sake of your interests and security, You to our factory for field trips.

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